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Forestry & Logging Equipment Sales in TN, GA, TX, ME, FL & WV

Our Forestry Equipment business involves large, special purpose log handling machines supplied by LeTourneau Inc, Liebherr, and our line of debarking equipment manufactured under the MDT brand. HMI’s capabilities in this industry range from equipment supply to heavy industrial repair services.
MDT Debarking Equipment
Liebherr Front End Log Loaders
Liebherr Crawler Log Loaders
Liebherr Rubber-Tired Log Loaders
LeTourneau Log Stackers

Heavy Machines, Inc. has been handling the toughest jobs in woodyards around the U.S for more than 30 years. Our log handling and log debarking equipment represent solutions, not just machines with continuing support for years to come.

Front End Loader

MDT Debarking

Liebherr Rubber Tire Log Loaders

Liebherr Log Loaders

LeTourneau Stackers

Crawler Log Loaders


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